Children of Jordan – اطفال الاردن

"Allem_La_Tallem” Campaign aims to mobilize public opinion and raise awareness on the need to reduce violence against children.

The widespread cultural acceptance of corporal punishment and the use of violence against children remain a major challenge, and correspondingly changing beliefs and social norms in that respect would be a milestone in confronting violence. Working to that effect, NCFA in partnership with UNICEF launched the “#Allem_La_Tallem” social media campaign in 2017 in a bid to change such public convictions. The aim is to mobilize social media users from the young generation within the age group of 18 to 35 years to speak up and make their voices heard on violence against children (VAC) in the Kingdom.

The social media campaign has been very influential in breaking the silence and mobilizing the community to bring violence against children (VAC) to the forefront as a national responsibility. The 12 week campaign was the first of its kind in Jordan to focus on this particular category as representatives of the young people who are either newlyweds or about to be, or even survivors of violence who have become young men today. The campaign has received great attention on social media, and the hashtag “#Allem_La_Tallem” was an immediate success by introducing guided messages delivered in 6 phases using data, statistics, pictures, and videos aimed at invoking social change and eliminating violence against children in all its forms.

phases of the campaign

The first phase of the campaign focused on defining violence and its cycle. Violence against children (VAC) is defined as the intentional use of force or power, threatened or actual, that may result in an injury, death, psychological harm, growth disorder or deprivation. The first phase also dealt with the concept of the cycle of violence

The second phase of the campaign threw light on the types of violence.  Whereas some might associate violence with punishment or physical violence, the campaign set to give an ample illustration of all types of violence, which aside from physical violence also include verbal, emotional, psychological, sexual (child marriage included), and electronic violence in addition to neglect, and bullying.

 As for the third phase, it dealt with the settings where violence occurs (neighbourhood, home, school, and internet).

The fourth phase dealt with the effects of violence on children from various aspects (psychological, economic, physical, academic and behavioural). The campaign rests on the primary message that the aftereffects of violence last forever, and that while the effects of physical violence can be noticeable, the psychological and emotional effects are often more severe and last for long periods of time, maybe forever.

In this phase, the objective was to raise awareness of the detrimental effects of violence on children, which include school dropout; psychological disorders which may involve possible addiction and inability to integrate into society; economic effects; low academic attainment for victims of violence; and physical effects that may begin with a minor harm but end up with death.

The fifth phase of the campaign focused on prevention and methods of promoting positive behaviour among children using positive parenting methods.

The sixth and last phase was all about taking a stand and breaking the barrier of silence towards violence against children. This phase received greater interaction from followers as well as influencers and decision-makers (state officials) as campaign supporters drew a black line on the palm of their hand to announce their stance on violence against children.

With the launch of Allem_La_Tallem” campaign, the media became more interested in discussing issues of violence against children; the issue of violence against children has since become a national cause that was discussed on social platforms and rejected by the majority.

The impact of abuse and maltreatment lasts for a lifetime. Therefore, educate and leave a mark through dialogue, understanding and instilling of values. Do not leave a trace of beating and humiliation.

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