Children of Jordan – اطفال الاردن

Digital Stories

This section showcases a collection of real-life stories that took place in different regions of Jordan. They include stories of children who have been exposed to different types of violence inside their homes, in their neighbourhood and in their school. They aim to raise awareness and warn against the consequences of violence on children and to mobilize public opinion to take a stand to stop violence against children.

The stories have undergone some changes with regard to the identity of the true characters for their best interest and to protect them from harm.

Also, all the images presented in this section are expressive; they are not real pictures for victims or survivors of violence. The photos used were the outcome of a photo session arranged for a group of children with their parents’ consent and with the presence of child protection specialists.  A specialized makeup artist applied makeup on the children who underwent a photo shoot which was later on adjusted through Photoshop.   

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