Children of Jordan – اطفال الاردن

Young Volunteers “SAWA”

This is a program launched by UNICEF with the purpose of combating bullying through the implementation of programs adopted by young people to confront this problem. The program is based on listening to the voices of young people themselves as a tool in the face of bullying.

SAWA program is a volunteers program in which students participate as observers who maintain a safe environment for all children and ensure their safety outside schools. The Makani community network is used to map parks, lands and other recreational places and their immediate vicinity where boy scouts regularly hang out to engage in a similar role. It is important that children engaged as volunteers function under a well-defined and well-articulated terms of reference (TOR) and also trained on identifying, responding and reporting instances of violence and bullying. The ‘Young Volunteers’ may initially be assigned to participate in host communities and schools implementing the education programme (Tarbiya) and then gradually increase the scope of the campaign and attach it to the mass media campaigns for general registration. Children who volunteer as observers may also be rewarded with special pins/badges and awarded certifications upon successful completion of their work.

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