Children of Jordan – اطفال الاردن


Over the past few years, Jordan has taken serious steps in developing legislation and formulating child-friendly policies. All legislation has undergone periodic follow-up and adjustment in parallel with any developments that concern childhood.

In addition to being a signatory to the International Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), the Jordanian Constitution, in Article (6), guarantees the protection of children, ensuring that “The law shall protect motherhood, childhood and the old-aged; and shall avail care for the youngsters and those with disabilities and protect them against abuse and exploitation.”

Nevertheless, Jordan is still lacking a child rights law, despite the fact that the first draft of the law has been approved by the government in 1998 but has not yet seen the light.

In 2019, NCFA submitted a new child rights draft law, which will hopefully be approved soon.

  • نظام تسوية النزاعات في قضايا الاحداث رقم 112 لسنة 2016.
  • نظام الرعاية اللاحقة للأحداث رقم 67 لسنة 2016.
  • تعليمات تحديد المتطلبات والمعلومات الواجب توافرها في تقرير مراقبي السلوك لسنة 2015.
  • تعليمات أسس تطبيق العقوبات غير السالبة للحرية لسنة 2015.
  • تعليمات التحاق الحدث بالتعليم أو التدريب لسنة 2015.
  • تعليمات منح الاجازة للحدث لسنة 2015.
  • تعليمات نقل الحدث الموقوف أو المحكوم لسنة 2015.
  • تعليمات البرامج التأهيلية لوالدي الحدث المحتاج إلى الحماية أو الرعاية لسنة 2015.
  • نظام رعاية الطفولة من الولادة وحتى سن الثامنة عشرة رقم 34 لسنة 1972
  • تعليمات الاحتضان لسنة 2013
  • تعليمات أسس صرف البدل المالي في برنامج الرعاية البديلة للأطفال لسنة 2013
  • مشروع نظام الطفل العامل
  • نظام التدابير الملحقة بقرار تسوية النزاع في قضايا العنف الأسري رقم 100 لسنة 2019
  • نظام الفريق الوطني لحماية الأسرة من العنف رقم 33 لسنة 2016
  • The National Strategy for Early Childhood Development 2000.
  • The First National Early Childhood Development Plan 2003-2007.
  • The Second National Early Childhood Development Plan 2007-2011.
  • The Jordanian National Plan of Action for Children(2004-2013).
  • The National Program for Early Childhood Development (Second Plan of Action) 2011-2015.
  • The National Framework for Family Protection against Violence (Second Edition) 2016.
  • The National Framework to Combat Child Labour 2011, the National Framework to Combat Child Labour 2020.
  • The National Strategy for Human Resources Development 2015.
  • The Multi-Sectoral National Plan of Action to End Violence against Children 2018.
  • The National Plan to Limit Marriage for those under 18 Years of Age.
  • National Protocol for the Child Mortality Review Team 2019.

This window introduces a collection of studies prepared by official bodies, civil society organizations, as well as international institutions, related to the rights and situation of children in Jordan:


  • The National Strategy for Juvenile Justice prepared by NCFA with its two emerging documents: The first of which is The Analytical Study of Juvenile Justice yielding a set of recommendations, the most prominent of which was the preparation of an implementation plan for juvenile justice supervised by the Juvenile Justice Steering Committee, and the second was the Standard Operating Procedures for Dealing with Juveniles that was finalized in 2020.
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